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Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The CrossFit class focuses on the daily workout of the day (WOD). The WOD's are scaled and modified for each individual to perform with good technique and form. These WOD's have a variety of training methods to free weights, short and fast, aerobic and bodyweight.

CrossFit Kids

This class is the same as CrossFit but offered to Kids and Teenagers in appropriate age and level. Within this class the focus is enjoying fitness and focusing on teaching the right technique of lifting, bodyweight movements and hard work being a good thing. 

This class is available to under the age of 18.

Categories 8-13 years old (subject to ability)

Categories 14-18 years old (subject to ability)

Team WOD

Team WOD is a great way to get involved with fitness with all your friends or someone new, breaking down workouts together, very similar to your normal CrossFit class.