At WhiteHorse Marlborough CrossFit we believe that training should prepare you for the challenges that life throws at you, the unknown and the unknowable. We do this by offering a broadly inclusive programme tailored to meet the needs of each and every individual that trains with us. This means we can help you regardless of whether you want to play professional sport, play with your kids at the weekend, be strong for work or just move better. 



The sense of community at CrossFit is unique; everyone knows one another, there is always someone to help with technique, you compare WOD results, discuss competitions etc.  This doesn’t happen in regular gyms, no one speaks to one another except to occasional ask “are you using this?” At CrossFit you know names, life stories and the banter is real. The importance of this social support is that it provides motivation. When we’re tired and are struggling to complete a workout or even go to the gym to workout, we begin to doubt our ability to finish, having people who are like minded to encourage us gives us the belief that we can do it! Which then knocks on to providing higher results and your game is upped instantly. The support of the CrossFit community even affects us physiologically, changing the hormones in our bodies. Research at Oxford University found that working out in a group resulted in a greater release of endorphins than when working out alone, even when the same amount of work was done. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that create a sense of excitement, exhilaration and happiness. The release of endorphins is what causes that high you feel when you finish a workout!




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